The Journey to Oracle Cloud: Episode 08 - Meet the customer

We have reached our eighth stop on the The Journey to Oracle Cloud, which marks the end of our journey.  In today's episode, Rafael meets with the customer, NilsonGroup, to talk about the results of the project and if there are any lessons learned...

Who is NilsonGroup?

During the whole project we have been talking about this no-name customer and we are happy to finally lighten the veil.
The company we have been working with for the last couple of months is  NilsonGroup, a Swedish shoe retail chain group, very well known for its retail chain brands DinSko, Nilson Shoes, Skopunkten and franchise-based ECCO stores. The group has an annual turnover of almost two billion SEK. 

In this last episode in our journey series, we meet Johan Holmström, the IT Operations Manager at NilsonGroup. He has been involved in the whole project. 

What did NilsonGroup migrate to the cloud? 

The first thing NilsonGroup migrated to Oracle Cloud was their BI solution. 

They had their own installation of Oracle Exalytics Appliance on-prem and they did a very successful PoC of the Oracle Cloud Analytics before this journey. Roughly five months later, they were ready to migrate the rest of their Oracle portfolio. 

In March this year, they migrated their databases, their WebLogic Suite and Oracle Data Integrated in Apex to the cloud. 

Improvements so far

Even though NisonGroup at the time of writing only has been in the cloud for a month, Johan Holmström already see several improvements. 

– We can see that we already have lower cost and a better cost analysis of what we consume. It's also easy to scale the solution up and down as well as having our development platform shut down when it's not used, which saves us costs.   

Johan Holmström, IT Operations Manager at NilsonGroup

On top of that, Johan mentions agility as a clear benefit. It's very fast to spin up a server and test something out and then terminate it. They can also see that the load of their Data Warehouse is much faster than before. 

Lessons learned from the project

You always learn from a project; good things and which things to improve. If NilsonGroup was going to start all over again, Holmström says they would describe their demands better in writing and check them against their autonomous restrictions, so they would know what works and what doesn't. 

Holmström also says he wished they had better control of their integrations with Oracle products, both with internal and external systems. Watch the video for more lessons learned!


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